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behind blurredlights
this is jason. 32-year old single guy who's maybe looking for a bit of romance. he doesn't really know why he's not really looking right now, but if someone comes along...

jason graduated from college back in march of 2006 with a bachelor's degree in creative writing. he has since worked as a customer service representative, an episode guide writer, a features writer, an online content producer, among others. he is currently part of gma network's creative team.

he was a brainstormer/researcher for gma-7's bantatay, machete, futbolilits, iglot, daldalita, alice bungisngis and her wonder walis, my daddy dearest, hiram na puso, the good daughter, aso ni san roque, indio, unforgettable, pyra, and someone to watch over me; and a writer for tween hearts, together forever, one true love, my husband's lover, kahit nasaan ka man, carmela, ang dalawang mrs. real, healing hearts, the richman's daughter, and my faithful husband. he is currently writing for magpakailanman and encantadia.

he is also producing mythos.

he loves to read fantasy books, or the ones that really messes with the head. he loves to read procedural-type novels, but doesn't like it as much when it's on tv or the movies. there, he'd prefer just fantasy or any well-written shows that isn't like any other show. he also likes to listen to music -- any music, as long as it's not heavy metal or hard rock.

jason loves to write about other worlds. and no matter how hard he tries to write a good dramatic scene, it always has a tinge of comedy in it. or so people tell him. other people though, think that his ideas are much too romantic. he doesn't think so, but he's looking into it.

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