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09 April 2015 @ 10:04 am
Why is it Taboo?  
A couple of days ago, while working at the coffee shop where I usually stay, one of my favorite former baristas visited. She was already walking out with her, I'm guessing, girlfriend when I saw her. They were holding hands. I thought it was cute. They look happy. So I said hi. And as soon as the former barista saw me, she let go of her partner's hand. Dropped it like a hot potato. And I want to know: Why?

Discrimination exists. I'm not blind, and I haven't been living under the rock since... Well, ever. I know about the LGBT. I wrote about the LGBT. And I know the horrors and the shame they are made to experience by ignorant people. I'm not asking why the former barista acted the way she did. I can guess. What I want to know is why was she made to feel this way?

Why is it taboo to hold the hands of your significant other if you're the same sex?

Why have we made people feel unsafe to display their love? Especially innocent displays like holding hands, or hugging, or leaning one's head on another's shoulder. These are beautiful things. Expressions of feelings, of trust, and of security. Why can heterosexual couples do this and elicit feelings of warmth? And yet when homosexual couples do it, they are disgusting? Who made this so?

I hate the label 'straight.' When someone uses it, it immediately connotes that to not be heterosexual would mean you're not right. That you've done something wrong. There is nothing wrong with loving someone who is the same sex as you. There shouldn't be anything wrong with that. Love is love. And in this world where race, politics, religion, and even fucking utensils can elicit hate crimes, shouldn't we celebrate love in whatever form it comes in?

Love knows no labels.

Love knows no gender.

Love knows no religion, no race, no political affiliation.

Love knows no age. (Although, I'm kind of drawing the line on pedophilia. I accept that there can be real love between an adult and a child. Even romantic love. But when a child is coerced? Or made to believe in 'love' because an adult is being a perverted bastard? Well, that's a completely different thing. If the love is real, the adult would wait for the child to be of age--or to mature enough to know what he or she is getting themselves into.)

But... Love is love.

Let's not make it out to be evil. Let's not make it out to be bad. Let's just... let it be. Let it exist. Let it shower the world with its warmth and joy. So when homosexual couples want to hold hands in public, they wouldn't get more stares than a heterosexual couple would. So when homosexual couples see someone they know while holding hands, neither one would be compelled to let go.

Let love be.
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