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20 June 2016 @ 09:14 pm
the one where four months have passed and nothing's changed  
well, that's not completely true.

i've been writing more. not stuff that you can see on television yet, but i've been writing more.

i'm also in a screenplay writing workshop. something the company is paying for. i don't know how i'll use the stuff i'm learning for the company, but i'm learning a lot. it's also killed what's left of my social life--so thank goodness for viber and facebook. it's two-thirds done, and i'm way behind on the screenplay i'm supposed to submit at the end of it. on the other hand, i'm doing great with the in-class participation. so my ateneo education wasn't a complete waste after all.

i've got a bunch of youtube ideas that i want to see to fruition. one of said ideas is actually alive now. let me take you out. i mentioned it here before, i think. we already have six episodes up. two more to go before we end our inaugural season. we need to learn how to be more... on time. i'm writing a treatment (once i'm done with my deadlines) for a friend based on a story he told me. and i still partake in the occassional chris cantada force story creation.

but what i really want to produce more of are short-form romcoms, sitcoms, and a few talk shows: one that deals with local entertainment tv and film, one that deals with music and theater, and one that deals with current events. i need money for that. money i currently don't have a lot of.

and then there's mythos.

i have so many plans, but what i really need more of is time.

i need time.

(also, a cure for the brain-splitting headaches that incapacitates me for days at a time.)
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